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You Can Never Go Wrong with LineTrike Car Park Line Marker for Sale in Australia

Are you looking for a car park line marker for sale, one that won’t disappoint you whatsoever? Then you’re best advised to try out the new, highly innovative LineTrike. It is a ride-on marker that’s highly effective, easy to use, and can be used during the day or at night; thanks to an adjustable canopy that comes complete with an LED warning and powerful front-mounted lamps. Even as a newbie, you will find it easy marking your driveway. It has a powerful hydraulic powered piston that emits the marking spray at a rate of 8.9 litres per minute. The spray hits the surface at pressures of up to 3300psi which means that it holds and can’t fade out soon.

Take advantage of the attractive discounts that we’re offering between now and January on this this car park line marker for sale. Our professional operators and technicians are always on standby to help explain to you how everything works, including a few demonstrations of the marker at work. We also sell you related accessories such as the spray equipment, paint hoses, spray guns, and so on. The marker comes with a free spare tyre. We deliver them to you anywhere in Australia within 24 hours. You can always rest assured that you’re buying a current line marker that’s less noisy and emits little if any smoke. Even your next-door neighbours may not notice it when you’re marking your car park with this machine; it’s that efficient!