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Find Line Marking Equipment for Sale that Will Make Your Road Painting Efforts Easier

If your job is to paint lines on roads, you will need to pay careful attention to the machines you choose for your work. Road line marking equipment comes in several different forms, but not all line painting equipment for sale in Australia is necessarily intended for use here. Australian roads often help people travel through more extreme or challenging conditions than those in other parts of the world, and as such the line marking equipment you purchase should be explicitly designed our unique circumstances.

When you seek line marking equipment for sale in Australia, consider the products we offer. LineTrike has been in operation since 2012 when experienced line painter Carl Watson and his partner Rex Lucas invented it. It includes unique features not found in other road marking equipment, including lit canopies and adjustable swivel seats for maximum driver comfort and visibility. It is also manufactured in-country by an Australia-owned and operated business that helps contribute to the national economy.

When you want to buy functional, think of LineTrike. When you want to buy ethical, think of LineTrike. When you want to find superior line marking equipment for sale in Australia, contact us and place an order with one of our well-informed and personable customer service representatives. We look forward to improving your road marking process so that you can do your work in more comfort and be the very best that you can be.