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The all new LineTrike is highly innovative and unlike any other ride-on line marker in the market!

Powered by a premium 14Hp V-Twin Briggs & Stratton motor with electric start and a backup pull start. The hydraulic powered piston fluid section provides a maximum flow rate of 8.9 litres per minute at a maximum pressure of 3300psi. Simple to operate with all of the main controls within easy reach of the operator.


Additional features include:
** Computerised Twin Gun
** 360 degree turning circle with variable ratio steering
** Large 20kg adjustable flow bead hopper
** Compact, comfortable & easy to operate
** Dual closed circuit hydraulic pumps
** Adjustable height hydraulic canopy

** Retractable 15m airless hose

**18" extension pole for stencil work
** Canopy mounted LED warning and clearance lights
** Front mounted clear LED daylight running lamps
** Disk parking break (rear wheels)
** Automatic turn speed reduction
** Spare tyre


Patents held in Australia, China & Europe

Patent pending in USA & India

LineTrike Model LT13B/TK Ride-on Line Marker

  • 360 Degree Turn - Front wheel is able to be turned to a right angle allowing the LineTrike to turn 360 degrees.

    Paint Storage - Easy, open access to paint containers. Replacing empty drums is fast & efficient. Store 40 litres of paint on board.

    20kg Hopper - The 20kg bead hopper is quick to refill and remains free of contaminates as it is housed under bonnet.

    Retractable Hose Reel - with hose, gun & extension pole within easy reach next to seat.

    Swivel Seat - Marine grade vinyl cushioned swivel seat for extra comfort. Adjustable height with molded arm rests.

    Adjustable Height Canopy - with lights. Provides safety and protection from the weather.