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Line marking is an essential part of creating roads, but many people find the process tedious. For years, road line markers throughout Melbourne and many other parts of the country have wondered whether there might be a simpler, safer, and more efficient way to paint lines. Fortunately, new and improved tools exist that can help speed up and secure the process. If you are curious about what a new line marking machine could do for you or want to find one for sale in Melbourne, just keep reading. We’ll help you learn about some of the top line striping machines on the market so that you can make an informed decision for your company or crew.

Find a State of the Art Line Marking Machine for Sale in Melbourne and Maximise Efficiency When Line Striping

When you begin trying to find a line marking machine for sale in Melbourne, you will need to consider the conditions in which you plan to use it. The climate in and around Melbourne is unlike many other cities. Road conditions often vary considerably, and the elements can put a lot of strain on operators. For that reason, it is usually best to seek out products that come with features designed to protect drivers and increase their comfort, such as canopies to block out harsh sunlight. Additional must-have features on modern line marking machines should include swivel seats to increase visibility, and 360-degree-turning with variable ratio steering so that the machine can manoeuvre into challenging areas and handle tight curves.

Finding a line marking machine for sale in Melbourne that includes such specific features might sound challenging, but it is possible. Look for a company with years of experience, so that you can trust them to produce useful and practical machinery. One excellent example is the LineTrike. Considerable theoretical and first-hand experience have gone into creating this state of the art product, which offers unique benefits for Melbourne road line marking.

The LineTrike brand has existed since 2012, but the story of this machine dates back much further than that. Carl Watson, a road line marker with nearly a decade of on-the-job experience, invented the LineTrike with help from Rex Lucas—better known as the inventor of Lucas Portable Sawmills. The result was the LineTrike: an Australian-designed three-wheel line painting machine that improves safety and efficiency for its users. Features such as an adjustable canopy, retractable airless hose, adjustable swivel seat and variable ratio steering make LineTrike a machine that stands firmly in a class of its own.

Enjoy a uniquely stress-free experience when you paint lines using one of the most modern line marking machines on the market. Contact LineTrike at your earliest convenience and speak with one of our representatives, who will be happy to answer your questions or assist you in placing an order so that you can upgrade your line painting tactics as soon as possible. For added convenience you can also contact us online for orders or inquiries.