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The LineTrike is highly innovative and unlike any other ride-on line marker on the market!

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Need New Road Line Marking Machine Suppliers? Consider LineTrike

Finding the tools you need for the job you’re doing can be challenging no matter who you are and what your chosen field is. When it comes to specific jobs such as road line marking though, you’ll need machine suppliers who can provide you with top quality hardware for the task. There are several different options available to line painters, but not all of them will be suitable for Australia’s unique and unpredictable climate. Choosing LineTrike as your road marking machine suppliers can help you achieve faster and more consistent results.

LineTrike has existed since 2012 when Carl Watson and Rex Lucas decided to reinvent the line painting machine for the 21st century. The LineTrike includes numerous features that go above and beyond those found in the vast majority of other road line marking machine options. As suppliers, LineTrike prioritises quality above all else. Not only will you find lit canopies that protect drivers in numerous weather conditions, but you’ll also benefit from innovative steering mechanisms that provide enhanced versatility in tight spaces, which makes the LineTrike ideal for even the toughest and most challenging environments.

When you want to find excellent road line marking machine suppliers, you’ll want to contact LineTrike. Reach out to us at your first available opportunity and ask to speak with one of our representatives, who will be able to provide you with more information. We’ll answer your questions, help you place an order, or assist you with troubleshooting and other service matters. With our help, you’ll never paint a line the same way again.