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How we started


In 2011 Carl Watson, a road line marker for 9 years, got together with his mate, Rex Lucas, who had success with his invention of the Lucas Portable Sawmills, to develop a more efficient and safer Line Marking Machine.

The initial design was a ‘stand-on’ machine, but testing revealed that although it was efficient in its operation, the comfort of the operator was lacking for continued use.  In order to maintain consistency in the line marking it was evident that the operator needed to be as stable and comfortable as possible.

The LineTrike Line Marker is the product of extensive research and development with quality, practicality, safety and ease of operation paramount principles in its development.

Line marking has evolved into the LineTrike line marking machine.

Patents held in Australia, China & Europe.

Patents pending in USA & India.

Why LineTrike?

The name says it all.. LineTrike is a 3 wheeled machine that enables the operator to paint lines.

LineTrike is an Australian design, built tough for the varied Australian conditions.

With the safety of the operator and others in mind, the LineTrike line marker was developed to meet and exceed Australian Design Regulations.

Consequently, the LineTrike line marker can be registered for operation on Australian roads, allowing for TAC Insurance cover.

Its innovative design sets the LineTrike apart from the pack.

It boasts:

  • 360 degree turning circle with variable ratio steering – allowing the machine access to tight areas, as well as keeping the machine off the road when performing U turns.

  • Adjustable offset swivel seat to allow increased visibility and comfort.

  • Adjustable height Canopy with lights providing safety and protection from the weather.

  • Retractable Airless hose.

  • And much more – see the product specifications.

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